"Prince of Noize"

"Living Off The Land" Explodes  

Following YUZIMA's last single being tagged a "masterpiece", he's dropping his next single and noise bomb "Living Off The Land", from his insta-album by the same name. Here's some script he put to paper on it:

our ancestors started farming on different lands creating the foods we are all still eating / NOURISHMENT / rice / wheat / maze / sweet potato’s / sowing the seeds for our modern experiences / WISDOM / our major religions and belief systems / fighting war disease and self inflicted wounds / in these times many cosign group-think while attacking fact / double-speak to hide the truth not reveal it / our ancestors combed the beaches of Africa and Asia over thousands of years populating every angle of the planet / MOVEMENT / many of those people jumped / were forced / on ships to migrate to america where we sow the current seeds and push life forward in the rhythm and dance of soul, noise and rock and roll / LIVING OFF THE LAND