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"Prince of Noize"

Secular Yakking interviews YUZIMA  

Promoting his new music video 'Atheist', YUZIMA was invited on atheism podcast Secular Yakking to talk about the ideas behind 'Atheist' and the filming of the video in New Orleans. Yuzima talks about growing up in Gun Hill Projects in the Bronx and dancing on the graves of slave masters in Lafayette Cemetery No. 1 in the video shoot.

listen at Secular Yakking 

"Living Off The Land" Explodes  

Following YUZIMA's last single which was called a "masterpiece", he's dropping his next single and noise explosion "Living Off The Land" from his insta-album by the same name. Here's a manifesto he wrote about it: 

our ancestors started farming on different lands creating the foods we are all still eating / NOURISHMENT / rice / wheat / maze / sweet potato’s / sowing the seeds for our modern experiences / WISDOM / our major religions and belief systems / fighting war disease and self-inflicted wounds / in these times many cosign group-think while attacking fact / double-speak to hide the truth not reveal it / our ancestors combed the beaches of Africa and Asia over thousands of years populating every angle of the planet / MOVEMENT / many of those people jumped / were forced / on ships to migrate to america where we sow the current seeds and push life forward in the rhythm and dance of soul, noise and rock and roll / LIVING OFF THE LAND


With new features on both Diamond Deposits and With Guitars, Diamond Deposits had this to say about my new single "Would It Be Ok". Cool.

- Yuzima

"The latest from NY based artist and poet YUZIMA is a smooth slice of epic vocals and dramatic melodies titled 'Would It Be OK'. You can listen to this soulful and smooth beat driven masterpiece..." Read Here 


British music blog FEW is relaunching today as mega-blog SWIT and they are marking it with an interview with me. Awesome. 

- Yuzima

"YUZIMA , NYC’s “Prince of Noize” has just released his excellent new single “Would It Be Ok” from his insta-album “Living Off The Land”. Combining prescient, focused, politically-charged lyrics with an innate gift for melody and experimentation he’s making something beautiful, something unique. It says here that “Yuzima’s music can easily be described as if Nirvana collaborated with Prince and Metz in a cave of Ty Segall lo-fi genius” but maybe that’s too easy because it’s much more than all that, it’s Yuzima’s thing, listen and you’ll understand. He kindly did an interview with us a few weeks back and I’m proud that it’s the first piece we’ve  published under out new moniker. Life is swit." Read Here