2016 Year-End Lists

Honored to have Atheist and Living Off The Land featured on multiple Best-of-2016 lists, including IMPOSE, Swit, and Diamond Deposits who called it "One of the tracks that everyone needs to hear right now."

Secular Yakking interview

While promoting my new music video Atheist, I was invited on atheism podcast Secular Yakking to talk about the ideas behind Atheist and about the filming of the video in New Orleans. I talk about growing up in Gun Hill…

'Living Off The Land' Explodes

Following my last single which was called a "masterpiece", I'm dropping my next single Living Off The Land from the insta-album by the same name. Here's a manifesto I wrote about it: 

our ancestors started farming on different lands creating…


With new features on both Diamond Deposits and With Guitars, Diamond Deposits had this to say about my new single Would It Be Ok. 

"The latest from NY based artist and poet YUZIMA is a smooth slice of epic vocals…


British music blog FEW is relaunching today as mega-blog SWIT and they are marking it with an interview with me. Awesome. 

- Yuzima

"YUZIMA , NYC’s “Prince of Noize” has just released his excellent new single “Would It Be Ok”…


"Yuz embraces the unknown of the void in the hopes for something greater, from the market of sold souls & Beelzebub-fuzz portraits of oppressor-men on “Atheist”, to pursuits of better politics, freedom, & happiness on “Would It Be Okay” to…