British music blog FEW is relaunching today as mega-blog SWIT and they are marking it with an interview with me. Awesome. 

- Yuzima

"YUZIMA , NYC’s “Prince of Noize” has just released his excellent new single “Would It Be Ok” from his insta-album “Living…


"Yuz embraces the unknown of the void in the hopes for something greater, from the market of sold souls & Beelzebub-fuzz portraits of oppressor-men on “Atheist”, to pursuits of better politics, freedom, & happiness on “Would It Be Okay” to…

"1 to 10, a strong 9" IndiePulse joins the chorus for "Atheist"

YUZIMA's latest single is spreading the word from blog to blog with many notable blogs handing in reviews. Here's a great one out today from "IndiePulse" 

"Atheist is very upbeat and Guitar “pop-hop” oriented, but lyrically a bit darker, asking…

YUZIMA and "Atheist" land on Posture Mag with Interview

After a rousing review from Impose Mag, Diamond Deposits to name a few, and thousands of streams, YUZIMA's latest single lands on the groundbreaking Posture Magazine. Here's an excerpt of the interview with editor Winter Mendelson:  

“To me nothing is taboo…

IMPOSE premieres "ATHEIST"

YUZIMA is on a roll after his last release "Behemoth" rampaged the blogosphere; new single and first from his upcoming last Insta-Album "Atheist" got a rousing review from the blog that tagged YUZIMA the "Prince of Noize" saying:

"On “Atheist”, YUZIMA invites…

"ATHEIST" (new single)

YUZIMA's strikes back with new single from upcoming last insta-album, stream below. 


IheartNoise famously said Yuzima was more entertaining than Grammys2016, now they've asked the "Prince of Noize" to do a mix of some of the tunes he's listening to including artist's like Slayer and Future. CHECK IT OUT HERE