Isis Aquarian (Wife of Father Yod) shouts out YUZIMA

Several years ago Yuzima took a promotional shot while wearing an American Apparel tee with a picture of cult Icon Father Yod. The shirt was designed by "Keeper of the Temple" and one of his 14 wives Isis Aquarian. It ended up on an artist testimonial for CDbaby with several others like Macklemore. Several days ago she contacted YUZIMA thanking him for wearing it, "Someone just sent me a hit with you... wearing one of our tees, the FATHER YOD TEE from American Apparel we did a few years that you were wearing it... thank you". 

YUZIMA says, he 'loved the shirt' and 'respects' Father Yod and feels that this "kismet event fits totally into the energy of (his) latest release "BEHEMOTH Insta-Album", out now on Bandcamp. "There is a very mystical thing with this release - first the encounter with Tracy Chapman, then this out of nowhere thing with Father Yod and Isis, It's completely awesome", he says.

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