Yuzima drops surprise new insta-album "Living Off The Land"

Even as reviews continue to pour in on first single "ATHEIST" (as in this one from Anthem Review), NYC "prince of noise" YUZIMA dropped his latest and last 'insta-album" "Living Off The Land", attacking everything from "public demon entertainment trickster" Donald Trump to referencing gun culture in rock and roll and the mass genocide of Native Americans. The album came by surprise in the night after the Gun Hill projects raised artist, earlier that day leaked second single "Would It Be Ok" a cross between Future style trap and a minimalist version of the "Yellow Submarine" period of The Beatles. Yuzima says, "as the culture gets loud we (artists) have to get louder." He even speaks to music blog epic center I Heart Noise about the release song by song here. They also in a tweet call the album a "Politically charged soundtrack to surviving a new age" read here and listen below.


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