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Yuzima Philip explodes on the scene with "Dance In The Light" 

I have been pumping out the new singles from my upcoming LP, Gun Hill Projects. It's a living thing; on this song, you'll be transported to a dirty sexy disco tech from the '70s (but updated). Watch the colorful, innovative video short first, then add the song to your favorite streaming site (sans Spotify). Also, check out my first two singles, “Strength” and “ms. cofield.” Make sure you tell a friend. 






Rollingstone is a fascist  

my new song is here to spank every single person who thought they were going to profit off of the downfall of democracy by, you guessed it, whitewashing the despicable Kanye West. My new song licks shots at the Rollingstone but is a bitter pill for everyone who thinks, we're going to just pretend this guy wasn't wearing confederate flags. Stream DISINFORMATION below.


The truth is starting 

My next single Disinformation takes on the complicit actors, including magazines like Rollingstone who have worked to whitewash Kanye West after he was canceled. STAY TUNED and subscribe to hear it when it drops.