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Looking toward the future (photos Jim Fairfax)

The Book Of SLayed - 'creation during lockdown'

The Evil Wings Of Love


This song really came from the struggle of mid Covid season. It probably is connected to the Phoenix and rising from the ashes. When I first came up with the name I thought it was crazy, but now all the playlists are adding it....

The Evil Wings Of Love

Months later we took our evil inspiration down to Central Park where we filmed the video below, 

a pimped out Central Park


THe Desert

This song started with a chord C#m(add 9) and connected to a song from the 80s, "Yah Mo B There" hence the gibberish name

I basically created a soundscape that sounds like the desert 


Hamburger Readymade 1


Hamburger Readymade 1

I was at a caffe on Malcolm x blvd (in Harlem) when I started to read a menu that consisted of a bunch of different kinds of burgers. So I started singing their names into my phone, and my first Readymade was born.