Our Story

 Yuzima Philip is a rock artist who sees rock through the lens of R&B, Trap, and Brass Band music. Hailing from Gun Hill Projects in the Bronx but now living in Harlem, Yuzima Philip's music tells his story. Yuzima grew up in the Bronx but migrated to Vermont as a teenager, where he navigated the culture shock of being the only black kid in the room. This situation brought different influences into his life, from grunge acts like Pearl Jam to reggae. Yuzima moved back to New York to pursue his music and, after traversing downtown scenes, now lives in historic Harlem. Yuzima has been hailed by rock magazines, like Impose, the Prince Of Noise.  
Yuzima Philip records all of his music, plays all of the instruments, and mixes it (Nathan James does the mastering), giving him his much-praised one-of-a-kind noise sound.