Our Story

At the crossroads of culture, race, rock, r&b, noise (and ancient spirits) sits Yuzima. Having been labeled “noise lord” from a popular rock zine, Yuzima challenges the narrow landscape forced on artists of color, skillfully stirring old New Orleans style jazz, noise-rock, powerful vocals, and skillful songwriting to tell the full American story. Yuzima was destined for this path from his hard and wise up-beginning in a working-class housing project in the Bronx. His grandparents moved to Gun Hill as one of the first black families in an Italian, Jewish and Irish neighborhood. All of that history and early choir singing, as well as trumpet skills, prepared Yuzima to move with his mother to Vermont, where he added post-punk to his influences, playing with local Montpelier bands. Now YUZIMA lives in the East Village, has received numerous endorsements, including Marky Ramone from The Ramones, and writers from NPR, Paste and Esquire like Litsa Dremousis (who called his album "powerful as hell"). His most recent long player POWER hits on many of these themes including the current political climate specifically the corruption of the Trump Administration and fascism. POWER has been featured from Impose Mag to AudioFuzz and continues to conquer a world in turmoil. YUZIMA is the sound of Bad Brains jamming with Seal and Prince.